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 red autumnal leaves 

in Hangzhou.

1 / 九溪

Nine Creeks


Nine Creeks

Nine Creeks in Misty Forest, commonly known as "Nine Creeks and Eighteen Caves", is one of the “New Ten Views of West Lake”,  and is located under Jiguan        Hill to the western mountains of West Lake. It is connected to the Yangtze River in the north and Qiantang River in the south. The Nine Creeks is a Y-shaped brook formed by the confluence of many small streams. Nine creeks in misty forest refers to the fantastic "smoke tree" landscape when smoke rises from the forest on the nearby Bajue Mountain after rains and the valley is full of mist. Located in the mountains to the west of West Lake, Nine Creeks is relatively niche and unknown to the local general folks and tourists. But the picturesque autumn colors are as good as anywhere else. The gurgling streams are very cool and fresh. On both sides of streams, maple leaves are as hot as fire, showing unique beauty only  in late autumn.

2/ 靈隱

Lingyin Temple


Lingyin Temple of West Lake is famous, where also have stunning red autumnal leaves. The best tourist route here is to start from Zhi Chi Tian Yan,  along the three Temples of Tianzhu, and through the path of Tianzhu Mountain to Lingyin West Hill. It is said that the best time to enjoy the maple here is on a clear day after The Frost's Descent. When the slant sunlight light cast on peaks, the scenery is the most beautiful. There are not only red leaves here, but pines and cypresses dotted with it. It is very beautiful.

3 / 太子灣公園

Taizi Bay Park


Taizi Bay Park is known as "The European Garden of Hangzhou people". In the spring, the park is filled with fragrant tulips, while in the fall, its red maples make people boiling and preoccupy with it. It is also one of the most popular places for Hangzhou people to go in autumn. The maple trees in Taizi Bay Park are not very tall, but they are very fervent and have distinctive appeal. There is a small but deep artificial lake in the park, reflecting graceful red maples and beautiful flowers, which is intoxicating. It is the perfect place for young people to take photos.

4 / 天目山




Tianmu Mountains, located in 80 kilometers far to the west of downtown, are all dressed in  red and the overlapping red leaves seemed to have been dyed with waterfalls. Especially the red leaves around Xianren Top and Chanyuan Temple which is around piedmont are the most beautiful.

5 / 學林街

Xuelin Street

學林街位於下沙的大學城,並橫貫了整個大學城。大學城內,處處散發著那遙遠記憶中的書香,還有因眾多年青學子們的集聚而充滿著青春的活力。作為杭州唯一一條以“楓香”為主題的大道,學林街因其獨特魅力,讓眾多遊客和學子愛上了它。學林街的楓樹為楓香樹,而楓香樹的樹枝是極為脆弱易斷的 ,且不容易種活。這裡本來是沒有楓樹的,都是從別處移栽過來的。園林工人花費了非常大的精力,才在現在學林街的兩邊種滿了楓香樹。

Xuelin Street is located in the university town of Xiasha, and traverses the whole university town. The university town is filled with the fragrance of books from distant memories and the vitality of youth from the gathering of so many young students. As the only avenue with the theme of "Sweetgum" in Hangzhou, Xuelin Street has attracted many tourists and students because of its unique charm. The maple trees in Xuelin Street are sweetgum trees, whose branches are extremely fragile and difficult to plant. There were no maple trees before, they were transplanted from elsewhere. It took the gardener a great deal of effort to cover both sides of the present Xuelin Street with sweetgum trees.






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